Most frequent questions and answers

Yes, you can use all assets and resources for sale on this site for personal or purely commercial purposes. For example, using the assets for fantasy maps that you sell, illustrations for novels, postcards, etc.

However, it is not allowed to resell these assets/resources separately from another medium, whether modified or not. For example, reselling the assets as Photoshop brushes.

You are not required to mention the creator.

You can pay for your purchase either by Paypal or credit card.

If you have not created an account before/during your purchase:
Once the purchase is made, a new page will open with the download links for the products you have purchased.

The download links will also be instantly sent to your email box.

If you had created an account before the purchase or you create one during the purchase: Once the purchase is made, you will find the download links in the Downloads section of your account dashboard (you can access it via “My account” tab).

The advantage of having an account is that you can re-access your downloads on your account whenever you want.

The download links will also be instantly sent to your email box.

The asset files are PNG images. They are grouped with configuration files for Wonderdraft. Thus once installed on Wonderdraft, the colors of the assets are customizable and/or paintable and/or pre-defined (see the description of each pack).

You can also use the assets with any image editing software such as Photoshop or Gimp if you create a map on one of these software programs.

For Wonderdraft:

For assets with no theme included, such as the seafaring megapack:

  1. Unzip the folder, for example with the seafaring pack, you will have a folder named “Seafaring megapack”.
  2. Open Wonderdraft, click on “menu” in the top left corner, and in the list choose “open user folder,” which will open a Windows folder for you.
  3. Double-click on the “assets” folder and then copy or cut and paste the unzipped folder (in this example, the folder: “Seafaring megapack”) into the assets folder.
  4. Then create a new project on Wonderdraft. You will find the new assets in the list of all assets.

If you were already doing all of this before and you don’t see the assets, go to the “assets” tab of Wonderdraft and check that the asset packs are checked.

For clarity, here is an image of the exact location where the folder should be:

Windows folder with Wonderdraft assets folder installed

And here is where the pack should be checked:

Wonderdraft interface with fantasy map assets loaded and checked

For packs with themes, such as the Conan complete pack, you have to copy-paste the two unzipped folders (assets and theme) directly into the user folder of Wonderdraft, and this will merge with the assets and themes folders already present.

For an image editing software:

You can use the transparent black and white images on a layer set in multiply mode. This way, the white color will be transparent, and you can colorize these assets with the colors of your choice on a layer below.

You can also use the PNG images with primary colors and select the colors of your choice by changing the hue of each of the three primary colors.

The full-color images (normal color) can be used as is.

For brush packs, here is how to import them into Photoshop:

1. Open the Brushes panel in Photoshop by going to Window > Brushes.

2. Click the hamburger menu and select Get More Brushes…

3. Locate your desired brush pack.

4. Keep Photoshop open and double-click your brush pack file.

5. Your new brushes will now be installed in the Brushes panel for you to use.

You can also import brushes by clicking the hamburger menu in the Brushes panel and selecting Import Brushes, then selecting the correct ABR brush pack file and clicking Open.