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Why Use Viking and Nordic Cartography Assets in Our Fantasy Maps?

etching illustration of viking nordic towns with longship, fantasy map assets, wonderdraft assets and symbols

In the realm of fantasy cartography, the depiction of Viking longships, fortified wooden Nordic and Viking towns and settlements, as well as the grandeur of Norse castles and forts, holds a special place. These elements not only contribute to the aesthetic appeal of fantasy maps but also evoke a sense of cold, rugged, and untamed landscapes. In this article, we delve into the historical significance and visual impact of these elements, particularly in the context of fantasy maps, with a special focus on the Vintage Fortified Nordic & Viking Settlements – 129 assets Megapack (+ longships + creator kit!)—an asset pack that faithfully recreates these features in the style of antique maps.

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Fortified Wooden Nordic and Viking Towns and Settlements

Nordic and Viking settlements were often constructed in harsh, cold, and arid environments, where resources were limited. As a result, the architecture of these settlements predominantly featured fortified wooden structures. These towns and villages, surrounded by wooden palisades and watchtowers, were designed to withstand both the elements and potential attacks from rival clans or marauders. In fantasy maps, these fortified settlements create an atmosphere of resilience and isolation, where communities huddle together in a harsh world. The use of wood in their construction also adds a rustic charm that resonates with fans of nordic fantasy settings, where the architecture is heavily influenced by Nordic and Viking motifs.

Fortified Stone Nordic and Viking Towns and Settlements

While wooden fortifications were common, stone fortifications were also a part of Nordic and Viking architecture. Stone walls, ramparts, and towers were constructed to protect strategic locations and harbors. In fantasy maps, the inclusion of fortified stone towns and settlements contrasts with the wooden ones, symbolizing a more established and formidable presence. These stone structures speak to the enduring nature of Nordic and Viking civilizations, which left lasting historical legacies across Europe.

Norse Castles and Forts: Strongholds of Power

Norse castles and forts were the pinnacle of Viking architecture. These imposing structures, often perched on cliffs overlooking the sea, were both defensive fortresses and symbols of authority. They evoke a sense of grandeur and dominance, making them compelling features on fantasy maps. Whether as the lair of a powerful ruler or the goal of a daring quest, Norse castles and forts bring an air of intrigue and drama to the fantasy world.

The Viking Longships: Symbols of Exploration

Viking longships, characterized by their long, narrow design and distinctive prows, were the quintessential vessels of exploration and raiding for the Norse seafarers. These ships played a pivotal role in shaping the Viking Age, allowing them to reach distant shores and establish settlements in lands as far-reaching as Iceland, Greenland, and even Vinland (North America). In fantasy maps, the inclusion of Viking longships invokes a sense of adventure and daring, as if the viewer is embarking on a journey to uncharted territories, mirroring the Vikings’ bold spirit.

The Creator Kit: Empowering Imagination

The Vintage Fortified Nordic & Viking Settlements asset pack not only includes pre-designed elements but also a creator kit. This kit empowers fantasy map makers to craft their own symbols of fortified Viking and Nordic towns and settlements. It allows for customization, enabling map creators to infuse their unique artistic vision into their maps while maintaining the vintage aesthetic.


In the realm of fantasy mapmaking, the inclusion of Viking longships, fortified Nordic and Viking settlements, and Norse castles and forts brings a rich historical depth and a captivating visual allure. These elements transport viewers to a world of cold, grandeur, and rugged beauty, much like the lands of Skyrim. The Vintage Fortified Nordic & Viking Settlements – 129 assets Megapack (+ longships + creator kit!) offers a treasure trove of resources for map creators, allowing them to craft immersive fantasy worlds that resonate with the enduring legacy of the Vikings and the Nordic peoples. So, whether you’re embarking on a virtual exploration or creating your own fantasy realm, these assets are sure to leave a lasting impression on the map and the imagination.

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Exploring Fantasy Map Symbols : The Mighty Orcs and Barbarian Settlements

illustration of orcish and fortified barbarian village, fantasy map symbols, cartography assets

In the realm of cartography, there exists a fascinating intersection between the worlds of fantasy and antiquity. Maps, both in ancient times and within the realm of fantasy, have often served as repositories of knowledge, storytelling, and artistic expression. Among the most captivating features found on these maps are the fortified Orcish and Barbarian settlements, which have not only shaped the landscapes of imagination but also mirrored the realities of ancient civilizations. In this article, we will delve into the historical and creative significance of these fortified settlements, with a focus on their portrayal in both antique and fantasy maps. Additionally, we will highlight the Vintage Fortified Orcish & Barbarian Settlements – 132 assets Megapack (+ creator kit!) that captures the essence of these settlements in the style of antique maps.

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Orcish civilization, often depicted as fierce and warlike, found its roots in fantasy literature and role-playing games. However, the concept of fortifying their settlements has historical parallels in the real world. The Great Wall of China, for instance, can be likened to the defensive structures of some Orcish settlements. These fortifications were not only practical but also symbols of strength and resilience in the face of adversity.

Barbarian civilizations, on the other hand, often conjure images of nomadic tribes and rugged lifestyles. In history, various tribes across the globe erected formidable strongholds and hill forts to protect their communities. These structures reflected the resourcefulness and adaptability of the Barbarian way of life.

In the realm of fantasy, Orcish settlements are characterized by imposing fortresses, thick walls, and a menacing aura. The Vintage Fortified Orcish & Barbarian Settlements Megapack captures these elements beautifully, with assets that include Orcish fortified cities, towns, hamlets, forts, and castles. These settlements often serve as central locations in epic quests and campaigns, providing a rich backdrop for storytelling.

Barbarian settlements, as depicted in fantasy maps, exude a raw, primal energy. The Megapack also features Barbarian castles, forts, villages on hills, and towers, echoing the ruggedness and simplicity of Barbarian architecture. These settlements often embody themes of freedom, survival, and the untamed spirit of the wilderness.

The Vintage Fortified Orcish & Barbarian Settlements Megapack not only pays homage to the historical context of these settlements but also adopts the artistic style of antique maps. Antique maps, with their intricate illustrations, evoke a sense of nostalgia and wonder. By infusing fantasy maps with this aesthetic, creators bridge the gap between the worlds of imagination and reality, inviting viewers to explore and immerse themselves in these fantasy realms with a touch of historical charm.


In the ever-evolving world of cartography and fantasy, the representation of fortified Orcish and Barbarian settlements plays a pivotal role. These settlements, rooted in history and brought to life through creative imagination, enrich the landscapes of both antique and fantasy maps. The Vintage Fortified Orcish & Barbarian Settlements – 132 assets Megapack (+ creator kit!) captures the essence of these settlements, offering cartographers and fantasy enthusiasts a unique opportunity to explore, create, and appreciate the intricate architecture and rich storytelling potential that these fortified settlements bring to the map-making process. Whether in the annals of history or the realms of fantasy, these settlements continue to be enduring symbols of strength, resilience, and the human capacity for creative expression.

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Cartography Assets and Point of Production Markers: Mapping the Resources

point of production and resources assets, cartography assets, vintage map symbols, wheat and gold ore

My fascination with the interplay of geography, culture, and resources has led me to explore the historical significance of representing points of production and resources on maps, be they fantastical realms or ancient landscapes.

In this article, we embark on a journey through the annals of cartography, from the maps of antiquity that detailed the world’s tangible riches to the enchanting fantasy realms where imagination knows no bounds. Along the way, we’ll uncover the historical importance of depicting points of production, ores, livestock, and resource-related activities on maps. To showcase the remarkable blend of history and fantasy in modern map-making, we will spotlight the Vintage Resources & Point of Production Markers/Landmarks – 150 Assets Megapack, a treasure trove of elements that pay homage to the aesthetics of antique maps.

BUY AND DOWNLOAD The Vintage Resources & point of production markers / landmarks – 150 assets Megapack :

Points of Production on Antique Maps

Long before the advent of Google Maps and GPS technology, cartographers meticulously documented the sources of essential resources on their maps. These maps served not only as navigation aids but also as invaluable references for merchants, explorers, and rulers. Points of production, such as wheat farms, plantations, and hunting grounds, were crucial for understanding the economic and strategic landscape of an area.

Agriculture: Wheat, corn, cotton, cocoa, coffee, and spices were depicted as symbols on antique maps, often with intricate details highlighting their cultivation regions. These representations played a pivotal role in trade routes and the movement of agricultural goods across empires.

Livestock: Maps of the past featured icons for cows, goats, hogs, sheep, and horses, providing insight into regions known for their livestock breeding. This information was vital for provisioning armies and assessing the availability of draft animals for agriculture.

Resource Production: Woodcutters, smiths/ironworks, and alchemists’ workshops were often marked on maps, reflecting the areas of resource extraction and processing. These markers helped societies manage their supply chains and resource utilization efficiently.

Mining: Mines for gold, iron, silver, copper, and other ores were prominent features on maps of ancient civilizations. These mines were sources of great wealth and strategic importance.

Fantasy Maps: Blending Imagination and History

Fast forward to the present, and fantasy maps have taken the art of cartography to new heights. The boundaries of the real world are no constraints for fantasy map-makers who craft realms brimming with magic, mythical creatures, and abundant resources. The Vintage Resources & Point of Production Markers/Landmarks – 150 Assets Megapack is a testament to this creative fusion of history and imagination.

Resource Abundance: In fantasy realms, markers for bees/honey, cocoa, coffee, spices, cotton, and other exotic resources transport us to lands teeming with fantastical flora and fauna. These markers evoke the allure of uncharted territories and the allure of otherworldly commodities.

Farm animals and Craftsmanship: Landmarks for animal groups, such as cows, goats, hogs, sheep, and horses, are essential in fantasy maps, reflecting the diversity of livestock. Smiths, alchemists, and woodcutters’ landmarks hint at the craftsmanship and industry of fantasy worlds.

Mineral Riches: Fantasy maps often depict mines and ore markers for gold, iron, silver, copper, and other magical materials. These resources hold mystical properties and are coveted by heroes and villains alike.

Agricultural Wonders: In the realm of fantasy, markers for corn, plantations, tea, potatoes, and more illustrate the enchanting crops and agricultural marvels that sustain diverse civilizations.


Maps, whether antique or fantasy, serve as windows into the worlds they represent. Points of production and resource markers on maps are more than just symbols; they are a testament to the interplay of history, culture, and geography. The Vintage Resources & Point of Production Markers/Landmarks – 150 Assets Megapack seamlessly bridges the gap between the rich traditions of antique cartography and the boundless imagination of fantasy worlds. It is a treasure trove for map-makers and enthusiasts, a bridge between the past and the fantastical, inviting us to explore the wondrous realms of our dreams while honoring the heritage of cartographic craftsmanship.

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Beyond Ink and Stone: Fortified Towns and Cities in Fantasy Map Symbols

walled towns and cities for Wonderdraft assets, old cartography assets and symbols

I have always been captivated by the allure of fantasy maps, particularly the intricate representations of fortified towns and cities. In this article, we will explore the historical and imaginative significance of these symbols in both fantasy and antique maps. Additionally, I will introduce the Vintage Fortified Medieval Cities and Towns Megapack, which not only provides individual assets but also includes complete representations of fortified cities, simplifying the map-making process.

BUY AND DOWNLOAD The Vintage Fortified Medieval cities and towns Megapack :

Fortified towns and cities have been crucial throughout history, serving as bastions of power, trade, and culture in various epochs and civilizations. During the medieval period, they represented both strength and prosperity. Encircled by imposing walls or ramparts, these settlements symbolized safety and wealth while safeguarding against external threats.

Antique maps are a treasure trove of historical and cartographic knowledge. They not only served navigational purposes but also offer insights into past worldviews and knowledge. Many antique maps, especially those from the medieval and Renaissance periods, feature intricate illustrations of fortified towns and cities. These depictions provided valuable information to travelers and explorers, emphasizing the importance of these urban centers.

Fantasy maps draw inspiration from history, mythology, and creative imagination. The portrayal of fortified towns and cities in fantasy maps evokes a sense of grandeur and adventure. These maps often serve as settings for epic quests, battles, and tales of heroism. The majesty of fortified city walls and ramparts adds an unmistakable depth to the fantasy world, creating a stunning backdrop for the unfolding narratives.
Secondly, fortified walls create a visual spectacle on a map. Their imposing presence immediately captures attention and conveys the idea of an impregnable stronghold. They provide a focal point for adventures, offering opportunities for daring escapes, epic battles, or covert infiltrations.

The Vintage Fortified Medieval Cities and Towns Megapack is a game-changer for fantasy map enthusiasts, offering not only individual assets but also complete representations of fortified towns and cities. In addition to elements such as ramparts, towers, and medieval buildings, this pack provides full-fledged fortified city designs, eliminating the need to piece together individual components. These complete representations maintain the vintage aesthetic of antique maps, ensuring an authentic and captivating fantasy experience.


The representation of fortified towns and cities holds a special place in both fantasy and antique maps. These symbols signify the strength and prosperity of civilizations throughout history and continue to inspire our imaginations today. With the Vintage Fortified Medieval Cities and Towns Megapack, map creators and enthusiasts can effortlessly bring these captivating worlds to life, bridging the gap between history and fantasy in a truly remarkable way. As a long-time fan of fantasy maps, I am excited to see how this asset pack will inspire new adventures and stories within the grandeur of fortified towns and cities.

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Navigating the Future: Exploring Cyberpunk, Steelpunk, and Dieselpunk Cartography

cyberpunk, steelpunk and dieselpunk city type, for fantasy map and old cartography, Wonderdraft, map making

Maps have always been a means to navigate our world, but what happens when cartography transcends the boundaries of reality and delves into the realms of the fantastic? I am an ardent fan of fantasy maps, particularly those of the cyberpunk, steelpunk, and dieselpunk genres. In this article, we will embark on a journey through the history and significance of these imaginative maps, exploring their portrayal of futuristic cities, industrial landscapes, mechas, spaceships, and much more. Moreover, we will unravel the allure of the Vintage Futuristic Complete Megapack, a treasure trove of 348 assets that promises to transport us to a bygone era of speculative cartography.

BUY AND DOWNLOAD The Vintage Futuristic Complete Megapack ( Cyberpunk, Dieselpunk, Steelpunk, Scifi ) – 348 assets :

Imaginary maps have a long and intriguing history, stretching back to ancient civilizations’ legends and mythological tales. However, it wasn’t until the advent of science fiction that these maps took on a life of their own. The cyberpunk, steelpunk, and dieselpunk genres emerged as distinct subgenres within the larger realm of science fiction, each with its unique aesthetic and vision of the future.

Cyberpunk, born in the early 1980s, introduced us to dystopian futures where mega-cities teemed with neon lights and cybernetic enhancements. The maps of cyberpunk worlds are characterized by towering skyscrapers, tangled streets, and sprawling virtual realms. These maps serve as essential tools for visualizing the complex, interconnected networks that define cyberpunk urban landscapes.

Steelpunk, a more recent addition to the speculative fiction pantheon, draws inspiration from the early 20th century’s industrial age. Steelpunk maps often feature massive factories, steel bridges, and smog-choked cities. They transport us to an alternate history where steel machines and megatechnology marvels reign supreme.

Dieselpunk, the elder sibling of steelpunk, harkens back to the interwar period and World War II. Dieselpunk maps are defined by their retro-futuristic vision, complete with sleek, Art Deco skyscrapers, prop-driven aircraft, and the gritty urban sprawl of noir-infused cityscapes.

Imaginary maps have found a prominent place in contemporary culture, transcending their origins in literature and branching into various mediums such as tabletop role-playing games, novels, and video games. Role-playing games like Cyberpunk 2020 and Shadowrun rely heavily on intricate maps to immerse players in their futuristic settings. These maps help players envision the gritty streets of Night City or the neon-lit alleys of the Sprawl, enhancing the overall gaming experience.

Novels like William Gibson’s Neuromancer and Philip K. Dick’s Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep? owe much of their allure to the vivid descriptions and maps of dystopian worlds. These literary maps provide readers with a tangible sense of place within these speculative landscapes.

In the realm of video games, titles like Deus Ex, Bioshock, and Fallout have carved out their own niches with their detailed game worlds and accompanying maps. These maps serve as guides for players navigating through the post-apocalyptic wastelands, underwater cities, or cyber-enhanced urban jungles.

Now, let’s turn our attention to the pièce de résistance—the Vintage Futuristic Complete Megapack. With 348 meticulously crafted assets, this treasure trove brings the aesthetics of cyberpunk, dieselpunk, and steelpunk maps to life. From sprawling megacities to abandoned towns, from mechas to war machines with giant lasers, this megapack has it all.

The assets included in this megapack offer a charming blend of retro-futuristic aesthetics reminiscent of antique maps. Whether you’re looking to create a cyberpunk adventure for your tabletop RPG group or illustrate a dieselpunk novel, these assets provide the essential building blocks for your creative endeavors. The pack’s inclusion of compass roses and cartouches adds a touch of old-world elegance to futuristic landscapes.


In the world of speculative cartography, cyberpunk, steelpunk, and dieselpunk maps hold a unique place. They allow us to explore the dystopian visions of our future, to traverse neon-lit streets, and to witness the clash of old-world aesthetics with cutting-edge technology. As fans and creators of these imaginary maps, we have the privilege of shaping these fantastical worlds and sharing them with others.

The Vintage Futuristic Complete Megapack is a testament to our fascination with these genres, providing a wealth of assets to bring our visions of futuristic landscapes to life. So, whether you’re a seasoned cartographer or a curious enthusiast, don your virtual goggles and embark on a journey through the intricate and captivating worlds of cyberpunk, steelpunk, and dieselpunk cartography. The future, as they say, is what we make of it—even if it’s just on paper or pixels.

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Tribal and Tropical Cartography: The Language of Fantasy Map Symbols

Wonderdraft assets, cartography symbols with tribal village and tropical beach, vintage map

Join me on an expedition to uncover the profound significance of elements like tribal villages, lush tropical landscapes, and more, both in ancient maps and the Vintage Tribal & Tropical Complete Megapack – 222 assets.

BUY AND DOWNLOAD The Vintage Tribal & Tropical Complete Megapack – 222 assets :

The fascination with tropical landscapes and tribal cultures has an indelible mark on human history. Since time immemorial, mankind has been drawn to the exotic charm and enigmatic allure of tropical lands, where lush greenery and vibrant communities flourish. This allure found its expression in ancient cartography, where distant shores and uncharted territories were adorned with the promise of untold adventures.

Tribal Villages: The fabric of fantasy cartography is interwoven with the stories of tribal villages, where ancient cultures thrived in harmony with nature. These settlements, perched on the cusp of unexplored terrains, echoed the survival instincts of our ancestors, much like the tribal villages depicted in the Vintage Tribal & Tropical Complete Megapack.

Tropical Splendor: The allure of tropical paradises has resonated across epochs. From the earliest maps hinting at mythical lands to the intricately detailed renderings of today, the tropical allure continues to beckon. The Megapack ingeniously encapsulates this allure, offering a visual feast of palm-fringed beaches, verdant foliage, and the vibrant colors of equatorial regions.

Tribal Artistry: The Megapack seamlessly weaves the tapestry of tribal culture into its assets. Just as ancient maps hinted at the customs and lifestyles of distant tribes, these assets evoke the intricate artistry and enigmatic ceremonies of tribal societies.

Tropical Enigma: The Megapack’s artistry also captures the essence of the tropical enigma—nurturing life amidst abundant nature. As ancient cartographers sought to map uncharted territories, the Megapack empowers modern cartographers to craft their own uncharted worlds teeming with tropical vitality.

The Vintage Tribal & Tropical Complete Megapack is more than a mere collection of assets. It’s a bridge that connects the human fascination with tribal cultures and tropical landscapes across the annals of time. The intricate symbols and meticulously designed elements encapsulate the allure of far-off lands, echoing the journey of explorers and cartographers of old.

As we journey through the realms of fantasy and history, we witness how the elements within the Megapack resonate with the human spirit’s eternal quest for discovery. The vibrant tribal villages, lush tropical greenery, and enigmatic symbols stand as testaments to the enduring allure of the unknown.

In essence, the Vintage Tribal & Tropical Complete Megapack – 222 assets beckons us to embark on a dual exploration—of the uncharted territories of fantasy and the timeless realms of tribal and tropical allure. With every stroke of imagination and every placement of an asset, we pay homage to the age-old fascination that humans hold for these paradisiacal realms.

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Lost in Foliage: The Captivating Role of Tree Clumps in Antique and Fantasy Maps

Wondrdraft assets and symbols, fantasy map assets, tree clumps, trees, forests and woods, old cartography, etching

This article delves into the historical significance of depicting forests, woods, thickets, groves, and individual trees on both ancient and fantasy maps. In particular, we will spotlight the Old Cartography Tree Clumps – Assets Megapack (Woods, Forests, Trees) which pays homage to the antiquated mapping style while allowing users to craft their unique woodland landscapes.

BUY AND DOWNLOAD The Old Cartography Tree Clumps – Assets Megapack (Woods, Forests, Trees) :

In the annals of ancient cartography, the representation of natural elements was as much about symbolism and artistic expression as it was about geographical accuracy. Forests, often depicted with elaborate iconography, stood as markers of untamed wilderness and the unknown. Ancient maps, such as those from the medieval period, used intricate lines and patterns to symbolize the wild expanses of woods and forests, inviting the viewer to imagine the mysteries that lay within.

With the rise of fantasy literature, the art of cartography took a fantastical turn. Fantastical realms required maps that mirrored the rich, otherworldly landscapes described in stories. Here, forests gained newfound importance, serving as settings for magical quests, eldritch creatures, and hidden enclaves. In fantasy maps, the depiction of forests became an art form in itself, often characterized by towering trees, meandering paths, and a sense of secrecy that stirred the imagination.

The Old Cartography Tree Clumps – Assets Megapack:
This meticulously designed asset pack draws inspiration from both antique cartography and fantasy literature, encapsulating the essence of both worlds. Comprising tree clumps, forests, woods, groves, thickets, and individual trees, this collection provides a toolkit for crafting captivating woodland landscapes. Every element mirrors the style of bygone cartography, recreating the sense of wonder that such maps once evoked.

The pack’s key feature lies in its versatility. The tree clumps can be combined in various ways, allowing users to create woodlands, forests, and woods that match their vision. The intricate design and attention to detail enable cartographers to weave stories within their maps, imagining the tales that might unfold in the depths of these enchanting landscapes.

In a world where technology often dominates, the Old Cartography Tree Clumps – Assets Megapack harkens back to the allure of antique maps, where every stroke of the pen told a story. By combining the artistic charm of the past with the limitless imagination of fantasy, this asset pack stands as a testament to the enduring power of mapmaking to captivate hearts and minds.

From the earliest scrolls that guided travelers through dense woodlands to the fantastical realms that live within our favorite books, the representation of forests on maps has been a journey of both art and exploration. The Old Cartography Tree Clumps – Assets Megapack bridges the gap between the age-old cartographic style and the boundless realm of fantasy. As we traverse its digital landscapes, we pay homage to the cartographers of yore while embracing the uncharted territories of our imaginations.

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The Wild Cartography: Unveiling Animals in Maps

Wonderdraft symbols and assets, cows, oxen and various animals, cartography assets

As an enthusiast of both historical cartography and fantastical realms, it is with great delight that I explore in this article the fascinating role of creatures and animals in these two distinct genres. Join me as we delve into the intricate interplay between the portrayal of animals in antique maps and their fantastical counterparts, and how this dynamic finds resonance in the Vintage Animals and Beasts – 240 assets Megapack.

BUY AND DOWNLOAD The Vintage Animals and Beasts – 240 assets Megapack ( farm animals, wildlife, dinosaurs, etc) :

To truly appreciate the significance of the Vintage Animals and Beasts megapack, we must first journey back to the origins of cartography. Antique maps, though primarily focused on geographic representation, often incorporated elements of wildlife to infuse life into their depictions. These maps were not merely practical tools for navigation but also pieces of art that conveyed the spirit of exploration and the unknown.

Farm animals, such as cows, oxen, sheep, and pigs, were frequently depicted in medieval and Renaissance maps, serving as markers of human settlements and agricultural importance. Wolves and bears, often situated in dense forests, symbolized the untamed wilderness that lay beyond known territories. Wild boars and deer, featured in the borders or surrounding vignettes, represented the bountiful yet unpredictable nature of the natural world. The presence of these creatures not only embellished the maps but also conveyed a sense of adventure and potential danger.

Fast forward to the realm of fantasy maps, and we encounter a world where the boundaries of reality are pushed to their limits. Within these fantastical landscapes, creatures like giant spiders, ogre pigs, and even dinosaurs roam freely. These beings transcend the constraints of history and geography, serving as conduits for storytelling and imaginative exploration.

Giant spiders, often lurking in shadowy forests or forgotten ruins, evoke a sense of eerie mystery and danger. The inclusion of ogre pigs and ogres themselves transports us to a realm of fairy tales and fables, where the line between the mundane and the magical blurs. Dinosaurs, a true anachronism, invite us to ponder alternate timelines and the allure of lost worlds.

The Vintage Animals and Beasts megapack stands as a testament to the harmonious convergence of history and fantasy. With a meticulous nod to the aesthetic of antique maps, this collection seamlessly integrates farm animals, wildlife, dinosaurs, and more into the visual lexicon of cartography.

The inclusion of cows, oxen, sheep, pigs, horses, chickens, geese, ducks, and mallard ducks harkens back to the agrarian focus of antique maps, embedding a sense of human connection to the land. Simultaneously, the presence of cats, dogs, wild boars, wolves, bears, and deer invokes the untamed allure of the wilderness, mirroring the juxtaposition found in ancient maps.

The megapack’s imaginative additions like giant spiders, ogre pigs, and dinosaurs invite map creators to weave narratives that transcend time and reality. Moreover, the inclusion of cattle pens, animal pens, and enclosures provides an extra layer of depth, mirroring the functional elements that populated antique maps.

In conclusion, the Vintage Animals and Beasts – 240 assets Megapack bridges the gap between history and fantasy, enriching the realm of cartography with a diverse array of creatures. Just as antique maps wove tales of exploration and the unknown through their depictions of animals, these assets offer modern mapmakers the tools to craft their own narratives. Whether you’re evoking the spirit of ancient explorers or conjuring tales of fantastical realms, this megapack invites you to chart your course through a world where imagination knows no bounds.

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Mapping Enchantment: Treehouse Cities and the Language of Cartography Assets and Symbols

wonderdraft assets, fantasy map assets, nature, elven treehouse town and city, cartography assets

In the realm of fantasy cartography, the portrayal of treehouse settlements and cities has become an iconic and cherished element. Today, we explore the historical significance and evolution of these captivating representations, drawing a parallel between ancient maps and the modern pack of assets for fantasy maps titled: Vintage Treehouse Settlements and Cities + Treehouse Settlement Creation Kit – 117 Assets MEGAPACK.

BUY AND DOWNLOAD The Vintage Treehouse settlements and cities + treehouse settlement creation kit – 117 Assets MEGAPACK :

The concept of treehouse settlements has roots in ancient cultures across the globe. From the tree-dwelling tribes of Papua New Guinea to the elaborate treehouses of the Alerce Coast in Chile, humans have long sought refuge in the canopy of trees. Ancient maps, such as the Babylonian World Map dating back to the 6th century BCE, occasionally featured symbols representing treehouse-like structures that held a special significance in various cultures.

These early depictions often represented sacred spaces or spiritual realms, highlighting the profound connection between humans and nature. As the art of cartography evolved, so did the representation of treehouse symbols, which began to find their way into maps of fantasy worlds.

With the rise of fantasy literature in the 20th century, maps became an essential component of the genre, guiding readers through the intricate worlds created by authors. Notable authors like J.R.R. Tolkien and C.S. Lewis incorporated treehouse settlements into their fantasy realms, further cementing the fascination with these magical abodes.

The Vintage Treehouse Settlements and Cities + Treehouse Settlement Creation Kit takes inspiration from this rich tradition, providing artists and mapmakers with a treasure trove of assets to bring their dreamlike visions to life. From the sprawling treehouse human cities to the enchanting treehouse elven cities, the pack offers a diverse range of options to cater to every mapmaker’s imagination.

Among the most beloved elements of fantasy cartography are the elven treehouse towns. Elven culture, known for its affinity with nature and ethereal elegance, perfectly complements the concept of treehouse settlements. The pack provides numerous assets for creating these captivating elven havens, allowing mapmakers to infuse their worlds with the allure of elven charm.

One of the standout features of the Vintage Treehouse Settlements and Cities + Treehouse Settlement Creation Kit is its homage to the antique style of cartography. By mirroring the design elements found in ancient maps, this pack transcends the boundaries of time, blending the allure of the past with the magic of fantasy.

To conclude, the representation of treehouse settlements in both ancient maps and modern fantasy cartography has a profound significance. It reflects humanity’s historical connection with nature, the appeal of magical realms, and the timeless allure of the unknown. The Vintage Treehouse Settlements and Cities + Treehouse Settlement Creation Kit stands as a testament to the enduring fascination with treehouse abodes, providing artists and mapmakers with the tools to weave extraordinary tales in the realms of fantasy.

As you embark on your cartographic adventures, remember that every treehouse city, castle, fort, and temple you create carries a piece of history within it – a connection between the fantastical worlds of fiction and the ancient cartographic wonders that have inspired generations. Let your creativity flourish and your maps transport readers and viewers to lands of enchantment and wonder. Happy mapping!

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Wonders of the Woods: World Trees and Ents in Cartography Assets and Wonderdraft assets

giant tree and ents with medieval fantasy people around, world trees, wonderdraft assets for photoshop gimp

For the past two decades, fantasy maps has been a realm of fascination for many, capturing the imaginations of both map enthusiasts and fantasy fans alike. A key element in these maps that has held a significant role throughout history is the representation of World Trees and Ents. These mythical beings and towering arboreal wonders have not only adorned ancient maps but also found their way into the heart of fantasy realms. In this article, we will delve into the historical significance of World Trees and Ents in ancient cartography and their continued prominence in contemporary fantasy map-making. Additionally, we will explore the captivating World Trees and Ents – 141 Assets MEGAPACK, a treasure trove for fantasy map creators seeking to recreate the allure of ancient maps.

BUY AND DOWNLOAD the Vintage World Trees and Ents – 141 Assets MEGAPACK :

World Trees and Ents in Ancient Maps:

Long before the era of fantasy literature and gaming, ancient cartographers infused their maps with mythological elements and religious beliefs. Among these depictions were the World Trees, which appeared in various cultures across the globe. One of the most prominent examples is Yggdrasil from Norse mythology. This colossal ash tree connected the nine worlds, with its roots delving deep into the realms of the living and the dead. Ancient Norse maps often featured Yggdrasil as a symbol of cosmic interconnectedness, a motif later adopted by fantasy mapmakers seeking to craft expansive worlds.

In the world of Ents, we find a striking resemblance to the mythological “Tree of Life” concepts found in ancient Mesopotamian and Egyptian maps. Ents, the sentient tree-like beings from J.R.R. Tolkien’s Middle-earth, reflect the idea of anthropomorphized trees guarding the realms of nature. This echoes the belief in ancient civilizations that spirits inhabited trees, acting as protectors and intermediaries between the natural world and human domains.

The World Trees and Ents – 141 Assets MEGAPACK:

Now, let us turn our attention to the captivating asset pack that celebrates the essence of ancient cartography and fantasy world-building. With 141 stunning assets at their disposal, mapmakers and fantasy enthusiasts can breathe life into their cartographic visions. This MEGAPACK features an array of World Trees and Ents in various forms:

Generic World Trees: Versatile and diverse representations of massive trees symbolizing the grandeur and abundance of nature.

Massive Trees: Colossal trees that stand as guardians of the land, their branches reaching toward the heavens.

Giant Jungle Trees: Exotic and lush foliage, perfect for crafting maps of mysterious and untamed wilderness.

Giant Pine and Fir Trees: Elements reminiscent of Northern landscapes, invoking feelings of ruggedness and resilience.

Giant Willow Trees: Graceful and elegant trees, often associated with magic and enchantment.

Giant Alien Trees and Plants: Otherworldly flora that spark curiosity about unexplored realms.

Giant Mushrooms: Enigmatic and whimsical, adding a touch of wonder to fantasy landscapes.

Giant Sacred Trees: Revered and hallowed trees, at the heart of spiritual and mystical realms.

Giant Decorated Tree: A symbol of festivity and cultural significance, often featured in maps celebrating special occasions.

Giant Tree Protected by a Sacred Canvas Tarp: Reflecting the care and reverence given to extraordinary trees.

Ents and Golems: Wise and formidable guardians of nature, ready to protect their territories.

Giant Flowers: Vibrant and magical blooms, bringing color and life to fantastical maps.

Giant Dead Trees: Eerie and haunting remnants of nature’s past, adding a touch of melancholy to landscapes.

World Trees Stumps: A testament to the passage of time, symbolizing the cycles of life and death.

Giant Palm Trees and Cacti: Evoking visions of desert landscapes, where life perseveres against all odds.

Giant Magical Trees: Infused with mystical energies, serving as epicenters of magical phenomena.

Giant Carnivorous Plant: A touch of danger and intrigue, representing the untamed wilds.

Giant Living Trees with Faces: Personifications of nature, exuding character and personality.


The representation of World Trees and Ents in ancient maps and their continued presence in contemporary fantasy cartography exemplify the enduring fascination with these mythical elements. The World Trees and Ents – 141 Assets MEGAPACK stands as a remarkable tribute to the age-old traditions of mapmaking while offering a treasure trove of tools for modern fantasy creators to weave captivating tales within their cartographic endeavors. Through these assets, artists and writers alike can craft enchanting worlds where the line between reality and imagination blurs, beckoning viewers and adventure